New Home: Pros and Cons of Modular and Stick-Built Houses

by Diane Amato 11/21/2022

When you’re looking into having a home built, should you go with a modular home or a stick-built home? Both types of homes have their advantages, but it’s also important to consider their potential drawbacks. To make the right decision for you, weigh the pros and cons of stick-built and modular homes. Keep the following information in mind while exploring these options for a brand-new home.

Length of Building Process

Stick-built homes are built from the ground up on land, while modular homes are constructed in a factory. These settings affect how long it typically takes to build these kinds of homes. Stick-built homes often take months to build, since they are subject to delays due to weather. For example, construction crews can’t continue building these homes when storms or extreme temperatures occur. Modular homes might only take weeks to complete, since they’re built in an indoor, climate-controlled setting. If you’re looking to move into your new home sooner, a modular home might be a better choice. If you’re not on a strict time frame, you might consider a stick-built home.

Overall Cost

Modular and stick-built homes differ in terms of cost, but it’s important to make sure you include all expenses. Stick-built homes might cost more overall because of the construction process requiring more labor and time. Customization options might also add to the overall cost. Modular homes typically cost less to build, but there are other expenses to consider, such as purchasing a plot of land, having a foundation built and having your home transported to your property. You’ll also need to have utility hookups, plumbing and other components installed, which can add to the cost. The right choice in this case depends on your budget.

Home Value

Stick-built and modular homes can have different home values. Buyers might perceive stick-built homes as having better quality and durability due to the way they’re built, which can boost their value on the market. Modular homes being produced in bulk in a factory might result in a lower home value, although this can depend on the builder you choose. If you’re thinking ahead to your home’s resale value, make sure you go with a high-quality builder whether you buy a modular home or stick-built home.

Customization Options

Stick-built homes and modular homes might not offer the same kinds of options in terms of customization. Stick-built homes often have a wide range of customization options, including the floor plan, custom features and architectural details. Modular homes usually offer fewer options for customization. Keep in mind that this can vary depending on the builder you choose. If you’re looking for several customization options, a stick-built home might work better, but you can also find modular home builders who offer customization options.


Whether you buy a modular or stick-built home might affect where you live. Stick-built homes can be constructed in almost any area, including suburban and rural settings. Modular homes might not be allowed to be built in certain areas, including subdivisions. This might be a drawback, depending on where you would like to live. Consider location when choosing between a stick-built or modular home.

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